Monday, June 29, 2009

The miracle of Alcoholics Anonymous

First things First:

congrats to Syd for guessing the correct answer to my trivia question. Al Franken, fellow Al-Anon! Love Al, love his Stuart Smalley character! Thanks Syd!


I am always amazed when I leave an AA meeting.I always get what I need. And Im not an alcoholic.

I go to find relief from resentment towards the drunk. The constant pain he causes, even if I have no interaction with him, must be managed. I do it thru al-anon and AA. Tonight I went to my local room, even though Jackson had to practically push me out the door. I had the "I wanna go, yet I dont want to put any effort to get there". Half-measured-itis.

I arrive, see my funny as shit pal, Louis. He loves to make humorous comments during meetings, just border line on being out of line, but he does it respectfully. He was just what I needed tonight. During my share, I talked a bit about my thyroid illness and how it affects my weight (there was a spiritual point to my share, wasnt just kavetching). After the meeting, a guy runs out behind me to share some experience about thyroid illness with me and gives me the name of a asian grocery that has helped people with nautral remedies for thyroid problems. I was so touched that he went to the trouble to get me the phone and address of the store. I have seen him in meetings, but we never met. It still amazes me when an alcoholic is helpful and thoughtful. THAT is not the alcoholic behavior I have experienced in my own life.

Later, I went to a guy who was new to our area, yet has 9 years sober. He hasnt been to a meeting in 6 months since he moved her from New Orleans. He talked about how not coming to meetings has affected his emotional sobriety, that he recently had a little girl born and he was intending to stick around and get a new sponsor. When the chair asked if today was anyones AA birthday, he raised his band. Wow, he had come back on his anniversary day. That was very special to see. Afterwards, I went to him and offered my congratulations on his move to Miami, his baby girl and his AA birthday, and ya know what he said?

"Wow, thank you. Its nice to know someone listened to me when I shared".

Man......on man.....what that told me. It told me he hasnt felt heard in a while, that his self esteem must be on low and that he needs friends. Well, as long as he suits up and shows up, the friends will appear.

Lastly, relating to my share about my weight gain, a few men friend AA's came up to me to tell me I was crazy to feel that Ive gained weight and that I look terrific.
Gotta love THAT part of AA....always oozing with charm!


Prayer Girl said...

Couldn't sleep in the middle of this night so here I am reading your blog. It was just what I needed. I loved your description of the hands of AA always being there - reaching out to others.

Thanks and just to let you know, I have you on my blog list.

Prayer Girl

Syd said...

Lots of charm. You are so right. I've been charmed by alcoholics all my life. I have to laugh about it. Glad that you enjoyed the meeting. I like the open AA meetings that I go to.