Monday, July 6, 2009

Letting go...again

My best boy, the love name I call Jackson, went to camp today. I drove him up yesterday, dropped him today and drove home. He is at a small university in Florida, at a music camp, especially for brass instrument player. He sleeps in a really nice dorm, situated on a beautiful southern campus. Im so happy for him, he loves this camp. This week is so need for him. The last month has been hard and depressing with my mothers death. He needs a break.

I was envious of his ability to be at this beautiful environment. I never went to camp, and would love to be there myself this week. He thanked me several times for taking him, he is just so happy to be there.

I said my goodbye, hugged him and drove away. Feeling a little empty, sad that we are apart but also grateful that I have raised him to be independent and not "clingy" to his mommy, like I was to mine. I really have done the best parenting job I could possibly do and I am proud of him.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my best boy.


Syd said...

I am sure that it's hard to see him off. He sounds like a wonderful boy. I'm sure that he'll miss you but also enjoy the camp.