Thursday, July 9, 2009

So what was today like, Christina?

Thoughtd Id recount todays activities:

Enjoyed my daily cup-o-coffee. Never drank it much til my thyroid took a poop, but now its enjoyable. Do hope to switch to decafe once the thyroid gland kicks up the energy level some more.
Good news is I didnt feel the need for a 2nd cup today. Progress!

Said my morning prayers, feels like a good insurance policy when I do that.

Bought some gift cards for a collegue who won a lead-generating contest I ran. Felt nice to give way $75 worth of best buy and Subways gift cards. Also bought some snickers and candies for the admissions office staff. Dont think Im all that generous, I expense it, so I do have a motive. I show my appreciation for the leads they send me.

Saw 2 students today, who were great. One is even a tuba player, just like my boy. He was cool. Loved his parents. Its days like this that make the bad days disappear.

What did I do for anyone else today?

1. Candy and gift cards
2. Helped a student get set up with job placement assistance
3. Helped a student get bus route set up for her to get to school

Spoke to Jackson tonight, I deliberately did not call him all day as he requested. At camp he is busy with activities and said not to call, so I didnt. At about 5pm, I started to think about him, wanted to call, but said Nope, I promised. Less than 5 minutes later, he called.

That, my friends, is how God works ;)