Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday weekend

I had a really nice birthday weekend. Quiet, very little fan fare, but special. Jackson and I drove to John Pennekamp state park beach in Key Largo yesterday to take some photos for a work event I am hosting there in 2 weeks. We were going to enjoy the beach for a short time and have a typical keys style seafood lunch at a local restaurant.

Well....the best laid plans. A small hurricane style rain, followed by a 30 min traffice jam on Overseas highway en route tried to put a damper on things. It didnt. The park was raining and a few brave souls were swimming. We ate the lunch, which wasnt so great, but spending time with each other was.

On the way home, Jackson began to do some impersanations for who He was mimicking me when I have allergies (which is frequently), of me when I whine and all my less than favorable behaviors. I laughed so hard, it hurt. He loved my reactions and as a result, kept doing more impressions. I had such a great time having that interaction with him, it made the day so warm and heartfelt.

One thing, though was he didnt give me his traditional home made greatting card. he writes the most special cards, with such loving and aticulate sentiments. I told him that day was great, but I did miss having that card. A few hours later, while I was in another room, he placed a homemade card in my laptop and told me to open it for a surprise. What a surprise! He folded a piece of paper into an origami booklet, in wihch he drew many stick picture of me and him, and the most beautiful sentiments ever, I hope to scan it soon and post up here. This child of mine is so special, I have no idea why God bestowed him on me, but I tell ya, I aint givng him back.


Syd said...

It sounds like a very special time. And even the rain couldn't dampen the day which is great. The homemade card is special. I did those for my mother and she kept them all.