Monday, September 21, 2009

David Hasselhoff - Daughter

Perhaps the world has heard that yet again, this man has drank himself insane. And the 17 year old daughter got to see it, got to panic, got to call for help.

And he his *people* put out the PR that it was an ear illness. Ya right. Im just wondering how in the world the daughter can stand to stick around and see this shit? She is the one who shot the video of his drunken hamburger crap. How in hell does she stick around and be destroyed by alcoholic insanity?

way to long, of course, just like the rest of us.
I cannot say how damn grateful I am to no longer witness the sickness anymore!!!

In my meeting Saturday I sat next to a somewhat newbie, who just rattled on and on about what *HE* has been doing. I swear, I could FEEL the tension, the chaos, as if it were my own. I couldnt wait to physically move away from her, SHE was toxic. Kinda like the smell someone has after smoking, it just sits there, permeating thru the soul.

Again, so grateful it wasnt ME in the insanity this time.


Steve E. said...

But for the Grace of God, that was ME! Or YOU! How sweet it IS, this program, these steps. What a Wonderful World (www)...

Syd said...

For newcomers, it's all about pain and what others are doing. I remember too well how it was for me. I am glad to be through it but do what I can to help others through beginner meetings and just talking to them after the meeting. It's time well spent when I spend it with a newcomer.