Sunday, October 4, 2009

My son donated his hair to Locks of Love!!!


Oh Lord, God, Your I the PROUDEST mama on the planet today.
My Jackson shaved his ENTIRE head and donated over 12" of hair to the foundation, to help children with cancer, alopecia and other hair growth disorders!!

We have been discussing this for several weeks, I even offered him an incentive, which he refused, saying he didnt feel he should be given something to do the right thing.

So, today was the day. We went to the Hair Cuttery, a local chain salon, and got an incredible hair stylist named Richard. He was an Asian-American with a slightly thick accent and was just delightful. He *pony tailed* Jacksons hair into 6 pony's! Wow, he wanted to shave the scalp as close as possible to gain every bit of hair he could, and boy did he! There was a man next to Jacksons chair watching in admiration, and congratulated Jackson on his kindness to help children in need. When the man left, he walked past me, winked and gave me the thumbs up and said "Great kid"!

Richard, the wonder stylist, was quite humorous, asking Jackson how many girls have run their fingers through is gorgeous *virgin* hair. Jackson blushed. He told Jackson that his generosity would make a huge difference in the life of a child with cancer, and that even if the child who receives his donation didnt know it was Jackson who gave it, there was someone else who knew....pointing to the ceiling, he says..."GOD"!


And boy do we know that is so true.....I love my son and I am so proud of his kindess, humility and generous soul!


Steve E. said...

Also I love your son! I cannot think that anyone could not love your son today! And you, too, Mom!

Syd said...

Jackson did a most generous and loving thing. He is a great kid!