Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ten best moments of my life

1. Giving birth to my beloved Jackson. First ever experience of feeling unconditional love for someone, other than my mother.

2. Being with my mother as she lay dying. I could not imagine NOT being able to be there with her. Probably the greatest gift God will ever give me, next to my Jackson.

3. The feeling I felt when my codependent addiction felt under control. When I didnt feel I *needed* to have the alcoholic in my life. Another significant feeling that miracles exist.

4. Being financially self supporting and secure. Knowing I can and AM doing it without another person.

5. Any hug from another suffering 12 stepper.

6. The first time someone came up to me after a meeting and said they liked what I shared. What a *wow* moment to an insecure, unworthy person with no self esteem.

7. When my first sponsee asked me to sponsor her. Incredible compliment to the rebuilding of my *self*.

8. The first time I sat in the Coral Reef High School auditorium and heard my son play his tuba in a concert. The tears of gratitude that he had found a love and direction for music in his life was overwhelming.

9. Anytime I see Jackson display courtesy and generosity to a stranger, which is often. Makes me feel that I have done something right with molding him into a better man.

10. Giving help to the newcomer.


Tari said...

Great Top 10 Christina! You are blessed to have been there for your mom and for Jackson. Congratulations!

Syd said...

Great ones Christina. Those are truly wonderful moments.