Friday, November 27, 2009

Horrible, horrible tragedy

I saw it this morning on the news and it hurt me deeply for some reason. Last night, Thanksgiving, A 35 year old man murdered his twin sisters, age 33, his aunt, age 75, and his cousin, a little 6 year old girl who was asleep in Jupiter, Florida, just 90 miles away from here.

I heard the victims last name, and the suspects last name (Siblings so its the same) and it stuck in my mind, but I didnt realize the connection until just now. The mother of the suspect/victims is a realtor here in Miami, a woman whom I did a deal with a few years ago. I had the listing, she brought the buyer. She was/is a consumate professional and a pleasure to work with. Her client was especially difficult to work with, and my sellers had just lost an 8 year old child to a car accident where the husband was under the influence (He unrecovered addict, she sober in both fellowships) and they were going through a nasty divorce.

Now, today, this woman lost her twin daughters to murder by her son. Her life is ruined. Destroyed. Seems the son had a history of mental illness. He is on the run. He will be found, hopefull for her sake, alive.

Instead of bitch and complain about drunks, Im going to take some time to pray for her and their family some more. Be grateful for all I have and count my lucky stars that no matter how painful my is at times, its nowhere near her pain.


Syd said...

How sad for all concerned. I hope that she will be able to have a life after this. It will be difficult for sure.