Friday, June 19, 2009

Acknowledging the Pink Elephant

I realized yesterday that Fathers Day is this Sunday. I was unaware of the day.
Then I realized the beautiful card that Jackson gave me was, in a way, a gesture of acknowledging the day to me. Thats not the pink elephant, though.

I told him tonight about Sunday being the Day. I asked if he thinks about his father. Rarely, was his answer. Thats always his answer. Makes me very concerned. I know he is stuffing is feelings, pushing away the thoughts that hurt. I dont push. I asked him if he wanted to acknowledge the day to his father. No, he doesnt. Thats is, case closed and I said ok. I wont influence him one way or the other. The pink elephant was outed and thats it.


Syd said...

I think about my dad a lot. He has been dead a number of years. While alive, there were moments in my youth when I wanted him dead. When I was really young, I never wanted him to die. Now I would like him to be here, to talk to him, to say things that I wanted to say but didn't know how to. Strange how that works. I made my amends to him which helped. Jackson seems like a great kid.