Thursday, June 25, 2009

Being threatened by the alcoholic.....again

I am being threatened by my ex-husband, yet again. This time, his threat is that he will take one of my BLOG POSTINGS to court to prove that I am planning to attack him.

I posted about 3 or 4 weeks ago about how one day I was so angry that he abandoned Jackson, that I had an idea to beat his ass next year if he didnt come to Jacksons graduation. It was a recounting of a conversation I had with someone of something I felt like doing, certainly not something I did. I mean, can I be found guilty of a thought? Something that hadnt even occured lol?

So, since he has nothing better to do than stalk my blog, he hopes to be able to use it against me in court. Why, you ask?

Resentment. Anger. Fear.

He is in violation of a court order pertaining to Jackson. He is refusing to provide his tax returns to process Jacksons financial aid (After he promised to mail them 2 weeks ago), amongst a few other things (like child support) and this is how he reacts when yet another court spanking is looming.

"We step on the toes of our fellows and they retaliate", says the Big Book. This is his retaliation. He also promised to send $200 to pay part of Jacksons college tour expenses. Then, he reneged, making it "Conditional" that he would only send it if Jackson were MADE AWARE that it was coming from him ie: give him credit. I told Jackson, yet the money never came. He later says he wanted Jackson to personally call him to acknowledge it.


You wouldnt believe what a great father this man used to be. Today, he is a monster.


Prayer Girl said...

It is a crime how addiction robs a person of all humanity - goodness, love, altruism, compassion and leaves them a dark, skulking shadow of a person.

It is sad that his son has to watch this happening.

I hope someday Al-Anon will be able to help.


Syd said...

I am really sorry. I hope that you take care of yourself.

Ms Hen said...