Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Practicing extreme self care

What is "Extreme Self Care"?

Its like taking yourself to an emotional emergency room. When I realize I have neglected my needs; emotional, physical, personal, I need to practice extreme self care. Begin saying NO when too many demands are placed on me. Take an extra amount of time to eat my meals. Stop rushing to get things done, take extra long bath to shave my legs, stay in bed an hour longer. These are all the things I probably should practice on a daily basis but that doesnt seem possible.

Just taking my emotional temperature and adjusting my life, my needs to what the reading says. Last night, after a very long, exhausting day, I decided I needed to rest in the morning. My boss is in town and I needed to ask him to cover something for me, which he did. I MUST take care of myself in order to be of use to anyone else, at work or at home.

I am responsible for MY care and to show myself how much I LOVE myself, I take action, the same action I take when I drive Jackson 30 miles to Miami Beach to take a tuba lesson.

So now, Im in bed at 9am, drinking a hot cuppa coffee and blogging here. Ahhhhhh.....self care agrees with me. :)


Syd said...

Yes, it sounds good. I neglect some things like getting enough sleep but that's because of meetings that start at 8 PM and then an hour's drive back home after. My meeting nights are long days.