Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My son, my beautiful son

Today Jackson wanted permission to walk 3 miles to the 5 Guys burgers N fries to eat. I offered to drive, or for him to use his scooter, but he wanted to walk. 6 miles round Miami heat. I said NO NO NO NO NO NO....until I said yes. He wore me down, I couldnt understand why he wanted to do it, but was glad he wanted to get out and exercise. So I let him go.

He just came back, some 2 + hours later.He was sweaty and all huffin n puffin. He pulled something out of his back pack and gave it to me. It was a hallmark card. It was addressed "To whom it may concern" with all the i's dotted with hearts. Thats his funny sense of humor in action.

On the outside of it it said "God Bless You", and on the inside...well, look below, I scanned it. He has been worried about me since my Mom died and has been a rock of love for me. He just wanted to say he loves me. Am I the LUCKIEST woman in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or what?