Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ego and its destroying power

Jackson will be appyling to colleges any minute now, or in the next few months, whenever I get the energy to nail him down on that.

He has to apply for financial aid, which requires my and his ex-father's tax returns. Just after my mother died in June, I asked the ex-father for his tax returns. No problem he tells me, no problem at all.


He didnt mail them as promised. Yeah, Im shocked (sigh). Not. I email through the appropriate legal channels, (his cousin) asking for them. Never show up. Again, I ask. Never show up. Finally, he emails back that he cannot trust me with them, yada yada yada, and wont send them to me, just to the colleges directly.

Being the genius he is, he doesnt know that the colleges dont make the application, the student must, the college is just the beneficiary of the FA payments. They dont do what we are supposed to do. But, he knows everything, so how can I tell him this?

So, no tax returns. The drunk does what drunks do, lie and betray.

So, a few days ago, Jackson speaks to his ex-father. The man says he is aware that he needs the tax returns and that "IF YOU WANT THEM, YOU CAN HAVE THEM, JUST ASK ME".

ah hem....dont be shaking your heads out there folks, drunks are masters at this game. He is TRYING to look like the hero, Superman and Wonder Woman all at the same time. More quacking with promises, manipulation and just general jerking around.

As Jackson recounts this conversation, he tells me:"He desnt want to give them to you when YOU ask, only if I ask".

The ego. Control. Cant do anything for the BITCH ex-wife. But can certainly be the hero to the kid. Except its too late to be a hero, when he's been the zero for too long.

Yes, this is an angry post. And I am permitted my anger, for alcoholism is a mother fucking disease that hurts people.

Now, I will begin to pray. Have a great day and be kind to yourselves!


Syd said...

You have it right about the ego and control. And the self-centered thinking. I hope that it isn't too late for Jackson to get the applications in.