Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Instant gratification

Sunday night I wanted a hit fudge sundae bad. BAD. BAD!!!

so I got one. I picked up Jackson and his friend from the movies. then offered to take them for ice cream. Went to Carvel, had a coupon (yeah baby) buy one-get one free!

Got the soft serve vanilla ice cream, had it smothered in hot fudge. Yummmm. By the time we got into the car, it was half melted. Yuck. No lustre, half-hot, half-cold. Bleh!

I wanted what I wanted, but didnt play the tape all the way through. I have had the soft serve with hot fudge before and it melted, just like this one. In fact, I have had it MORE than once. Yet, I still buy it again. Cus the FANTASY of the sundae of days gone by is what is playing in my head. Damn, if I could have replaced the obsession of hot fudge with the "real" thinking of what I really wanted, then maybe I couldve gotten what I really wanted.

Which was hard vanilla ice cream, not soft.

Lesson: Delay the gratification, seek God's help in slowing down the obsession, get what you really need, not want.

And Im not talking ice cream here.