Friday, July 17, 2009

Whaddya get when you put lipstick on a junkie?

Why do we woman wear makeup? To look "good", "better", "attractive", right?

Why do men lie about their height or age on dating sites? To attract a lovely woman, right?

Why do addicts/alcoholics (for this post, junkies) spew God outta their mouths at every opportunity to the people theyve hurt? Tell them how much they believe in God, 12 steps yada yada yada....yet they're behavior is still to lie, cheat, steal

To manipulate them into believing they are sober and pious and really good people!

My experience has been that the junkie will SAY anything to get the outcome they want. They will tell me how sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy they are for hurting me, promise to neverrrrrrrrrrrrr do it again, and how they wantttttttttt to change, and then POOF! All better now. The codie buys that shit, instead of see it as the "Quacking" it is. Cus, if the junkie can sell it verbally, then they dont need to do it literally.

The truly sober and recovered addict/alcoholic doesnt SPEAK about how connected they are to God, they LIVE the connection. You know, like, repay money theyve stolen, make amends, behave with humility. They dont need to CONVINCE anyone they are God inspired, spiritually awakened people through words, the show it through their action. Repaying money they've stole, making right what they made wrong. But hey! That takes a lot of work, so why not take the short cut? Its worked before, right? heh heh heh...what do they say about doing the same thing over, expecting a different result.

So, what do you get when the junkie puts on his "God" coat? A junkie. Still a junkie. Theres not enough lipstick in the world to mask the filth of addiction.

This time there is a different result, cus we have changed. We see the junkie quacking a mile away........too bad he doesnt see himself.