Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am an EXCEPTIONAL mother

I am sitting in front of the world famous Lincoln Theatre in beautiful Miami Beach, Fl, in my car with a full bladder having not been able to go pottie all day, waiting for Jackson to finish his tuba lesson with the principal Tubist with the New World Symphone orchestra.

I am a great mom, I have decided. And I am proud to say that I resemble my own Mother in many ways. I have been working all friggin day long, I took Jackson to work today so that we could go from there directly to MB to have his lesson, thus saving me lots of drive time. MB is 30 miles from home, so I decided to take care of MY needs by having him come. He got to eat, play on pc, listen to his music and relax while I worked with a lot of students.

It was a hard day of rain and winds, yet we made it to MB ok, despite an awful crazy driver who side swiped me within inches of my car. He was mad at me cus work forced us to leave late, and as I reflected on the situation, I dedided I am an exceptional mother cus I suit up and show up for him, sometimes sacrificing my needs (like the need to go pottie), I drive him to MB 3 times a month, I pay alot of $$ for the lessons and I make sure to support him in all his activitiesn school, music and otherwise. And.....I LOVE doing it. I am not a martyrn just a mother. But I thought Id take a moment to acknowledge myself. Its tough doing this when a woman HAS the father to help, but with no father, its a miracle. I am a miracle and so is Jackson.


Syd said...

You are a miracle and it sounds as if you worked miracles with your son. Having a strong parent who is supportive is so important. It will make a lot of difference in your son's life.