Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reply to a comment

A comment was left here recently that hurt me. I know it probably wasnt the intention of the person who wrote it, but none the less it hurt.

I wont be specific, and I have removed the comment, but Id like to say that what I post here are MY thoughts and feelings, and many times they come from pain. I have a sponsor, I have a support network and I have a home group who are there to guide me and teach me. I do not ask for anyone to sponsor me from a blog, take my inventory or critique what I write, even if they do it in the form of using "I" messages, as in referring to themselves.

Just as there is no cross talk in a safe Al-Anon meeting, I would like to ask the people that read here to respect that and refrain from making judgmental comments here.

For those that are blessed to have a recovering family member and who may be further away from the desperate pain of this disease, there are those of us who are not. As a result, we cannot be in the same place you might be in, a more detached, calm, serene emotional environment. The trenches are painful, please remember that.

Thank you.


Syd said...

The written word, especially when composed in haste, has it's draw backs. Sometimes I make comments that are short and probably too much "to the point". It's hard to convey warmth and sincerity in comments. Hope that you are okay. The trenches are really painful. And sometimes the pain comes back even on the high ground.