Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeling better, thank you God

On Thursday when my back pain was peaking up, Jackson suggested I call my doctor the next day for help.

"Aw, whats she gonna do for me" I said. "Just have to sit this out". Yeah, Im always so right on things concerning my well being. I honestly believed no good would come from calling for help.

And then I called the doctor. For help. Next morning, the pain was at its worst, so I call, not believeing shed order drugs over the phone. Many hours later, the med asst calls back and tells me she is ordering me drugs....over the phone. Ha! What do I know, I mean really. The 3rd step I took (More than once) tells me to stop trying to run my life. Well, to my credit, I acted in faith by calling and asking for a muscle relaxant, specifiying nothing narcotic. And thats what I got. Flexeril. DId my homework, felt it was a typical muscle relaxant, not addictive and wouldnt make me feel high.

When I got it home, I read some more on it, and whoops! find its part of the valium family and IS addictive. Ah crap. Im not a drug addict but I am a relationship addict, and addiction is all over my family. I know enough about the disease to know that I can fool myself 2 weeks from now as Im popping them like candy, and say "But im in pain!!".

So I take one at 5pm. The pain is less sharp, and definitely feeling better. 50% better or so. Alright, this stuff rocks. Til 9pm. Im thinking I should take another one so that I will wake up pain free, especially cus I had to take Jackson to his tuba lesson and didnt want to let him down by still being in pain. Seriously, I spoke to myself several times about whether or not I should take the 2nd one. Jacksons suggests I take the medication EXACTLY AS PRESCRIBED ON THE BOTTLE! Ah what does he know, little twit.

So, what did I do?

Took his suggestion. No 2nd pill. Went to bed, woke up much better. Still was painful to drive him to the lesson, but luckily the theater has a comfy sofa upon which I laid out while he blew his horn.

I have not taken any more pills, just the one. Thank you God for the wisdom you gave me and my son.


Syd said...

I don't like taking pills either. I minimize my pain. But sometimes I will take Motrin if needed.